Anna University Results B.E/B.Tech./B.Arch. (8th & 10th Sem) Results April/May2017


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Anna University is one of the premier engineering universities of the country. Renowned all over the world, many students aspire to gain a graduate engineering degree from here. The central administration of Anna University is located in the state capital of Chennai. Most of the State Government and private engineering institutions of Tamilnadu come under the preview of Anna University.

All the branches of engineering of all the colleges in Tamilnadu are governed by the syllabus of Anna University which functions as the central university. Examinations are conducted in a centralized manner with a common question paper and examinations across the colleges following the timetable stipulated by Anna University. Anna University also publishes the results, announcing the results on a single day. Anna University results are published in various top state and private websites.

Based on the Anna University results, students are given out ranks after the end of their 4 years of under graduate study and 2 years of masters studies as well. Anna University results become significant for people aspiring to get gold medals and going forward in their academic path. The correction of the answer scripts, evaluation, fixing of a common key are all some of the processes involved before the publication of the Anna University results.

Anna University results and rankings are seriously made note of by colleges abroad. They play a vital role for an undergraduate student wishing to go abroad to pursue their masters. Anna University is well respected and reputed as an institution of learning and education. Scholars winning accolades in the Anna University examinations have chartered great career paths. If you are aspiring academic or engineer, belonging to the portals of Anna University and having good results at the Anna University will stand you in good stead.